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Although the impact of digitization is not new, the digital economy is entering a new age that presents unprecedented challenges for all CEOs. We believe that digital transformation is first and foremost a business transformation. People, not technology, are the most important piece in the digital transformation puzzle.


Digital enterprise
We convert your strategie into software and technology processes that optimize your business performance.
Digital engagement
We build software solutions that deliver personalized user experiences ensuring higher life-time value
Digital commerce
Digital commerce is in the midst of (yet another) revolution and things are moving faster than ever.

From concept to code, development to deployment, Query Solutions provides custom IT solutions that accelerate workflows, optimize operations and boost revenues. Whether you’re looking to develop a new web site for your business or improve your existing software environment, we offer the excellent software development services you require.

Digital tools are invading the business environment, provoking significant changes in the way we work, communicate, and sell. This has given rise to new opportunities and challenges, and has triggered the Digital Transformation of enterprises.

With extensive experience in understanding the digital economy, Query Solutions is strategically placed to help clients deliver better products, services and business processes through digitization.

We provide the best
services for you

With the focus on user experience across digital channels, Query Solutions covers all UX process stages, from conceptualization to implementation. We build digital experiences from scratch, or audit and redesign existing solutions. We apply our design thinking and technology background to help you deliver engaging experiences for your customers and employees.

We  build custom solutions from scratch, ensuring seamless integration with existing environments and systems. We extend this offering to startup products and large-scale business process automation alike.

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Custom Application Development Services

We rely on our technological expertise and specialized industry experience to develop any type of web, mobile, desktop, and hybrid app per your business requirements.

App Maintenance Services

Our application maintenance and modernization services are designed to ensure the scalability, performance, and sustainability of your entire software infrastructure as your business grows.

QA and Software Testing Services

Comprehensive quality assurance is built into our custom software service model, but we can also provide on-demand QA and a suite of functional and usability software tests upon request.

Software Deployment Services

Our implementation specialists will work with your IT team to establish detailed software deployment objectives and timelines, covering configuration, testing, project governance, troubleshooting and more.

IT Services SLA

As software development service providers with 10 years of experience, you can trust us to put together a service level agreement that lays out expectations for costs, timelines and system functionality.

Project Lifecycle Management

Our agile, end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) model covers everything from conceptualization, concurrent front- and back-end coding, deployment, QA and more.

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